There are many different types of vocal disorders.  The causes and triggers of voice problems vary greatly.  Treatment options vary by the diagnosed condition.  However, regardless of the diagnosis, the day-to-day challenges that come with having limited or no voice are the same.  This site is a resource for dealing with those challenges.

Yes, we will provide research information, the latest medical findings, and information on tools and aides that appeal to people with voice problems.  However, in addition to that, we will provide ways to connect with others who are impacted by voice problems (including friends, family members, medical professionals, etc…).  We will provide encouragement and support that is specific to helping you make it through each day with passion, purpose, and promise that there is someone in the world who just gets it!  There are people who genuinely care.

If you have a voice disorder, please know you are not alone!  If you are here in support of someone with a vocal disorder… THANK YOU!   Your commitment is truly needed and we will work to equip you with the tools you need to help make life easier for the one you care so much about.

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