When Belinda started having trouble with her voice in the Spring of 1997, no one thought it was much more than a bad case of laryngitis.  However, more than one year later, the outgoing woman was barely able to utter much more than a whisper.  Years went by with no success in recovering Belinda’s voice.  Then, in 2006, Belinda attended a voice rehabilitation workshop with her daughter, Andrea.  Belinda was able to recover some of her voice during the workshop, but was not able to maintain the success upon returning home.  From that point on, Andrea was determined to do whatever she could to help her Mom and others on their journey to reclaim their voices.


Andrea is not a medical professional, but she recognizes that people with vocal disorders have similar daily life challenges, regardless of the disorder. Furthermore, many of them are lonely and feel helpless at times.  So, she spends her time giving people a place to connect, share, and express themselves freely; find their voice.  They share what it’s like to LIVE with a vocal disorder, treatment information, vocal exercises, and more.


Andrea Hardaway Voice for Voiceless Vocal Disorders Voice ProblemsAndrea wants it to be easier for people with vocal disorders to connect with one another AND is working to let the world know these disorders exist.  ANY current news event you can think of, is pretty much made worse (higher impact) on the life of the person with limited voice.


Andrea says, “I can’t heal people.  However, I can help by letting people know vocal disorders exist!  No one should feel their voice is not heard; that their words do not matter.”