Interview: Finding Your Voice in the Midst of Voice Loss (Dr. Paul Jenkins)

Dr. Paul Jenkins recently joined Susan Reagan to share his experience with living with a vocal disorder and overcoming challenges each day through the power of positivity. In this interview… Susan and Dr. Jenkins cover a number of exciting things, including: Enhancing and improving life with a vocal disorder The true impact of positivity Finding the voice that […]

I’m not SICK, I have a VOCAL DISORDER!!!!

“I get so tired of people thinking I am sick.  I am a pretty private person, but should I just tell people I have a voice disorder?” – Anonymous The simple fact is, many people are not aware vocal disorders exist.  So, it’s probably no surprise that chronic limited or compromised voice can often be […]

How to Avoid Phone Issues with

Adam Goldkamp from recently joined me in an interview where I learned just how much they are doing to help reduce the stress of using the PHONE to take care of business. Many people email me to share the daily challenges of living with a vocal disorder.  PHONE issues are among the top challenge!  […]

Vocal Disorders: How the journey started and why it continues (

I want to work with you to increase awareness of vocal disorders.  Together, we can build unbelievable momentum and ensure all voices are heard! I don’t have a vocal disorder, but I love someone who does.  Since launching the first social network for these disorders (, I am inspired by the many who are living […]

Vocal Disorders: We’re Launching a Video Campaign to Increase Awareness

We are launching a video campaign to help increase awareness of vocal disorders.  If you want to know more about, what we seek to accomplish, and why our founder (Andrea Hardaway) is so passionate about supporting those who struggle with limited or no voice… you will want to be sure to stay connected! Stay […]