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All Voices Matter on VoiceMatters.net!

There's been lots of discussion on VoiceMatters.net in the past couple of weeks.  Thank you for your comments, contributions, and messages.EXPRESS YOURSELF:I've always found creative expression to be a wonderful way of sharing.  Here is a poem, written by Louise Bale, Please feel free to share your thoughts... Lost for Words  Words should tumble like a waterfall, roll easy [...]

How to Talk with Someone with a Vocal Disorder

Limited voice and vocal disorders do not have to be a barrier to having productive, engaging conversations.  When you are talking to someone with a voice disorder, there are several things you can do to help make the discussion better for everyone involved.  Here are some things you should know about how to talk to [...]

How to Deal with Bad Advice About Your Vocal Disorder

"Can't you just clear your throat?"   Many of you who deal with vocal disorders have probably, at one time or another, been frustrated by the advice that comes from those closest to you (a family member, co-worker, close friend, spouse, etc...). You've heard your share of comments like: --- "Maybe you should try some [...]

Vocal Disorders: How to Avoid Automated Phone Systems

Do Automated Phone Systems scare you? Many people with vocal disorders are frustrated with automated phone systems.  Believe me, I understand.  Even those without vocal disorders have had their share of frustration with the systems that will not let you get past help unless you are able to "Say 1" or "Say your name".  ARGH!!!! [...]