How I Regained Voice and Confidence through Byzantine Chant

Byzanite Chant by Susan Reagan and Deacon Mark Koscinski What voice have I to share with the world; to express needs and wants, to bestow compliments and kindness, to ask of others how may I understand? A little over 6 years ago I experienced the sudden onset and eventual decline of my ability to speak. […]

Shop (with a vocal disorder) till you Drop!

When you are going to go shopping it is good to have a plan of action. Workers in the stores are more than likely seasonal workers so they probably do not have a good idea of where things are in the store. Grab sales ads before you plan to go shopping. Either from the newspaper, […]

Om or OMG! – A Story of Overcoming Botox Injection Anxiety

Approximately 6 years ago my life was changed forever with the onset of a rare neurological condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia (also known as, “SD”).  People with SD have the sensation of being strangled when trying to speak; each word is a tremendous effort to produce.  The disorder comes in three varieties; abductor, adductor and mixed […]

How to Avoid Phone Issues with

Adam Goldkamp from recently joined me in an interview where I learned just how much they are doing to help reduce the stress of using the PHONE to take care of business. Many people email me to share the daily challenges of living with a vocal disorder.  PHONE issues are among the top challenge!  […]

Vocal Disorders: How to Avoid Automated Phone Systems

Do Automated Phone Systems scare you? Many people with vocal disorders are frustrated with automated phone systems.  Believe me, I understand.  Even those without vocal disorders have had their share of frustration with the systems that will not let you get past help unless you are able to “Say 1” or “Say your name”.  ARGH!!!! […]