Voice Loss: The Story of Father Michael Mondik

by Susan Hornak Is prayer spoken or is it felt? When the voice is absent how are prayers expressed? Voice loss presents itself for many different reasons. In this case voice loss was the quiet warning signal that announced a greater challenge was yet to come. As a 26 year old young man Michael Mondik […]

Shop (with a vocal disorder) till you Drop!

When you are going to go shopping it is good to have a plan of action. Workers in the stores are more than likely seasonal workers so they probably do not have a good idea of where things are in the store. Grab sales ads before you plan to go shopping. Either from the newspaper, […]

POEM: Nuance of Voice

Subtle raises up or down give the listener a clue of how to interpret the sound. Prolonged exasperation of one word can change the meaning from banal to profound. Voice in its full range of verbal expression conveys joy, love, heart ache and depression. Nothing can come close to meeting its perfection in an attempt […]

Om or OMG! – A Story of Overcoming Botox Injection Anxiety

Approximately 6 years ago my life was changed forever with the onset of a rare neurological condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia (also known as, “SD”).  People with SD have the sensation of being strangled when trying to speak; each word is a tremendous effort to produce.  The disorder comes in three varieties; abductor, adductor and mixed […]

4 Tips for Dating with a Vocal Disorder

“How do I look? Gosh, I hope he likes me! Wonder if I have bad breath, let me check…..whew, all good!! Maybe I should change my outfit? I am just not going! What if we have nothing to say? Ugh! I hate dating.“ You guessed it, add a vocal disorder to the mix and the […]