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Welcome to Vocal Disorders Connect!

  • Greetings! This site is a forum for connecting and supporting people with various vocal disorders. We also welcome family/friends/supporters of those who deal with the disorders and professionals who provide treatment and/or research in these areas.

Our History

Our social network was started by Andrea Hardaway in August 2008. Andrea’s mother has been struggling with Spasmodic Dysphonia for over 11 years. Andrea has seen the daily struggles her mother endures as a result of SD and is willing to do anything to help her and others who deal with voice-related problems.

Andrea hopes her gift of motivation, networking, and bringing people together will provide a powerful shift in the daily experiences of those affected by vocal disorders.

NOTE: This site is not at all affiliated with any formal organization, doctor, or pharmaceutical company. While representatives from these various sectors may be represented as members on this site, their opinions and views are their own. You should always use precaution and check with your physician before trying any sort of treatment.

Vocal Disorders Connect is intended to be a place of motivation, support, and knowledge sharing.

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  • Jennie Nilson
    Jennie Nilson Hello everyone. Does anyone have any suggestions for healing muscle tension dysphonia? I am trying to use my resonant voice, strech and massage but I am struggling. I teach so my voice is my livelihood and I am a bit panicked.
    • Wed at 10:28 PM
    • Jennie Nilson
      Jennie Nilson Thanks, Lauren. Yes, I do have pain when speaking (and when not speaking). I have tried those things and do them every day as instructed my speech therapist. Progress is very slow though and I am worried about teaching in September.
      • Fri at 9:53 AM
    • Jennie Nilson
      Lauren Vogt How long have you been in therapy for? I did almost 3 months and still have pain when speaking. I'll try to send
      You a message with some more detail...
      • Fri at 4:34 PM
    • Jennie Nilson
      Jennie Nilson I've had disorder almost three months and I did speech therapy for two month (which is all my insurance allows). how do you send messages? I would love to hear about your experience and any suggestions.
      • Fri at 5:04 PM
    • Jennie Nilson
      Lauren Vogt Tried to send message but it wouldn't work. I've had speech for 3 months now. Voice is improved some, but still have the pain. Did the laryngeal massage, resonance, ab breathing, trills. My SP doesn't know why I keep having pain. Just went to laryngologis...  more
      • Fri at 5:49 PM
    • Jennie Nilson
      Lauren Vogt I still have MTD but dr thinks it's worse from the neuropathy
      • Fri at 5:51 PM
  • Jennie Nilson
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  • AMORENA oneil
    AMORENA oneil Hi Charles thank you for your kind words. Good luck with the procedure and all the best.
    • June 6
  • AMORENA oneil
    AMORENA oneil Hi Charles, my voice is back to almost normal which I am so thankful for! Have yet to see the specialist as he is very costly just very content to have a voice. Hope all goes well for everyone else and hope you can get back your sense of smell.
    • June 5
    • AMORENA oneil
      Charles Robinson (Admin) I am so glad you are getting back your voice. I will be going for a procedure next week so I will let you know how it goes! :)
      • June 6
  • Charles  Robinson (Admin)
    Charles Robinson (Admin)Maranda Brown: Hey Maranda!  Thanks for joining and sharing with us. Keep it up!  Let me know if I can do anything for you :)
    • June 1
  • Charles  Robinson (Admin)
    Charles Robinson (Admin)Carrie Garrett: Hi Carrie

    Just saw you joined a few days ago and just wanted to let you know we are glad to have you here! Feel free to share your thought and experiences. If I can do anything for you please let me know.
    • June 1
  • Charles  Robinson (Admin)
    Charles Robinson (Admin) Hi folks,
       I will be working as an admin for this site and would love to get to know more of you. Feel free to send me friend requests or any question you may have. I would love to be helpful to you any way I can. 
    • June 1
  • Charles  Robinson (Admin)
    Charles Robinson (Admin)Emma: Hi Emma! Welcome to the group and thanks for joining! Share a little about yourself!
    • June 1
  • Charles  Robinson (Admin)
    Charles Robinson (Admin) has added a new profile photo.
    • June 1