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Welcome to Vocal Disorders Connect!

  • Greetings! This site is a forum for connecting and supporting people with various vocal disorders. We also welcome family/friends/supporters of those who deal with the disorders and professionals who provide treatment and/or research in these areas.

Our History

Our social network was started by Andrea Hardaway in August 2008. Andrea’s mother has been struggling with Spasmodic Dysphonia for over 11 years. Andrea has seen the daily struggles her mother endures as a result of SD and is willing to do anything to help her and others who deal with voice-related problems.

Andrea hopes her gift of motivation, networking, and bringing people together will provide a powerful shift in the daily experiences of those affected by vocal disorders.

NOTE: This site is not at all affiliated with any formal organization, doctor, or pharmaceutical company. While representatives from these various sectors may be represented as members on this site, their opinions and views are their own. You should always use precaution and check with your physician before trying any sort of treatment.

Vocal Disorders Connect is intended to be a place of motivation, support, and knowledge sharing.

What's New

  • AMORENA oneil
    AMORENA oneil Hi there, I was diagnosed with left vocal cord paralysis over 5 months, doctor had told to to wait and see and see what happens, as it could be a virus, then last week I have slowly started to get my voice back, I am able to say the letter eee alot easier...  more
    • May 21
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    • AMORENA oneil
      Dawn Sellick I lost mine for 7 months, and was referred to speech therapy to help me. I still struggle to say zzzz! I actually found this site when trying to find out why I sometimes lose my voice again for up to a couple of months - my vocal cord is still paralysed a...  more
      • May 21
  • Esta Lukemire
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  • AMORENA oneil
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  • Lauren  Vogt
    Lauren VogtMuscle Tension Dysphonia: Anyone have any success with treatment? I've been diagnosed with MTD and currently in speech therapy. Voice is improved but I still have pain when talking.
    • May 17
  • kimberley B.
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  • Caroline
    Caroline Hi All,

    I listened to some of the presentations from Vocal Unity and found them very informative, Thank you Andrea for organizing.  
    ...  more
    • April 26
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    • Caroline
      Andrea Hardaway Thank you so much for listening in. I am so glad you found value in the sessions. It was a lot of effort to put it together. So, knowing it helped people like you really makes my day!
  • Caroline
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    • April 26
  • marisa farber
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  • michele
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  • terri
    terriChris Amend: Hey, Chris. Read you had the medialization surgery. My story is, I had a virus infection and was put on a 7-day steroid course. After that, my voice slowly disappeared. MRI revealed paralyzed left vc. Whether due to the virus, I don't know. No one seems t...  more
    • April 22
    • terri
      Chris Amend Hi Terri, Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I had vocal cord medialization performed on my right vocal cord in August 2016 at Mass General Voice Center in Boston. They are supposed to be one of the best. I live in Seattle, so I made a long trip...  more
      • April 25
    • terri
      terri Thanks, Chris. Your story got cut off, but it just reaffirms my decision NOT to go through this procedure. If a fine hospital such as Mass General didn't help, I just feel the decision to not undergo the surgery is the right one. Not like I'm a professional singer.
      • April 26
    • terri
      Mark Kirkwood Hi guys. Been a member for a while, but haven't commented in a while. I've had multiple medializations with silastic implants, and revisions, with very little improvement My story is that I have a fixed and paralyzed cord, with a degree of vocal cord "glo...  more
      • May 15
  • Andrea Hardaway
    Andrea Hardaway Vocal Unity is coming to an end.  It's been a long week that seemed to go by way too quickly (ha ha... it that makes any sense).  We hope many of you were able to participate! 
    http://www....  more
    • April 21