Subtle raises up or down give the listener a clue of how to interpret the sound.

Prolonged exasperation of one word can change the meaning from banal to profound.

Voice in its full range of verbal expression conveys joy, love, heart ache and depression.

Nothing can come close to meeting its perfection in an attempt at reproduction.

Voice adds warmth and dimensions to other wise literal translation.

Pitch, tone, volume and fluency all create a euphony that is pleasing to the ear.

Rate and speed can create great anticipation, excitement and intrigue. 

A hushed whisper in the heat of the moment can send a tingle down a spine.

Voice can change a statement to a question with a tiny hint of inflection.

One thousand thoughts can be conveyed or implied with the use of just one spoken word.

Many people without thought poise to speak and present their message taking for granted this beautiful instrument in its fullest expression.

By Susan Reagan