How to Finally Make Voice Exercises a Part of Your Day

Are you having trouble getting motivated to practice your voice exercises?  Andrea Hardaway shares some practical things you can do to help you get motivated to make those exercises a part of your daily routine.


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  1. For a programme of exercises that will really aid your motivation go to this site (see below). Initially the exercises are introduced and learnt from a CDrom via your computer but once you know the patterns the accomps can be run from an MP3 player or a mobile phone. The exercises are designed to integrate the voice and overcome any tendency to ‘breakup’. Full explanations are given and the system has achieved dramatic results in healing damaged voices and even finding non-existent voices.
    Main site
    Examples of successes

    The system is priced very modestly compared to most programmes available on line
    The CDrom (complete system) available through PayPal at £22.00 GBP (includes postage)(about $35.00 US. Also being made available in 7 progressive modules thru GigBucks at $5..00 US per module. These options are presented on the main site. Any questions to me from the contact page.
    The exercises have been designed very much with vocal problems in mind.

    • Deb Linda says:

      These CDs you mention, William, sound very interesting. I’m not seeing the link posted above. Can you post the link or send it to me? Thanks, Deb