Vocal Disorders: How the journey started and why it continues (VoiceMatters.net)

I want to work with you to increase awareness of vocal disorders.  Together, we can build unbelievable momentum and ensure all voices are heard!

I don’t have a vocal disorder, but I love someone who does.  Since launching the first social network for these disorders (VoiceMatters.net), I am inspired by the many who are living with limited voice and those who are going above and beyond to treat them!

THANK YOU to each of you who has partnered with me to build our social networking site.  Also, I’d like to say a special thank you to Connie Pike (Free to Speak Voice and Speech Therapy) for the extra push she provided in getting me started along the way.

Now, what motivates you?  

Please leave your comments below.


  1. Rhonda Leate says:

    Nice video .. Now let’s get it on a public service type “commercial”! I have dystonia, & the vocal part of this disorder is horrible! I have been treated for 10+ years with Botox injections, but now there is so much scar tissue it doesn’t work well anymore 🙁 every day is a struggle to do what so many people take for granted, as I used to. But no more. Now I am invisible.

    • ann wolff says:

      I have been getting them for 12yrs…not as effective now as they were. How do you know you have scar tissue…did your Dr. tell you that?

    • Andrea Hardaway says:

      Hi Rhonda –
      Thanks for your support. We are certainly working our way to that Public Service Announcement! Definitely a need to increase awareness. I don’t want you or anyone else to ever feel invisible. We WILL change things!

  2. Baratti says:

    Dear Andrea
    Thank you for inviting me. Sorry but I am Italian and I didn’t get much of your video. I felt totaly alone till
    I knew of your site. I don’t know any italian with my voice problem. I struggle even to enter in a bar asking for a coffee. I cannot use phone any more, unless using artificial voice support. I hope i can find in your sites support and knowledge about dysartria, from people Who know better than me how to manage the issue. I am so thankful and grate to you for your initiative and work, which i was hoping to joint one day
    And that day has now fortunatly come. Be you blessed. Roberto Baratti

    • Andrea Hardaway says:

      HI Reberto. What a blessing to have you on this site. I am so thankful you enjoyed the video and I hope you are meeting and connecting with others who can help too on VoiceMatters.net. You are not alone at all. Let’s keep working together to increase awareness.