There’s been lots of discussion on in the past couple of weeks.  Thank you for your comments, contributions, and messages.EXPRESS YOURSELF:I’ve always found creative expression to be a wonderful way of sharing.  Here is a poem, written by Louise Bale, Please feel free to share your thoughts…

Lost for Words 

Words should tumble like a waterfall,
roll easy from the tongue
To reassure and comfort,
the old and very young.
But sharing words of caring,
or telling a good joke…




YOUR VOICE MATTERS: membership is growing every week.  Here are just a few of the awesome people recently welcomed to the community:

  • Meet Peter – “ I am a voice actor and singer and it has affected my career incredibly and thus seeking answers!
  • Meet Wayne – “I would like to speak to other people who have had (thyroplasty) and compare note’s so to say.
  • Meet Rob –  I connected with Rob after discovering his awesome blog!
  • Meet Meghan – “Five days after my son was born, I noticed my voice sounded weaker…This has been a scary and awakening experience, and it really is a day to day struggle of ups and downs.
  • Meet Katie – “I have tried many different exercises and although some have improved the voice (in the short term) none have solved the problem.
  • Meet Maria – “Something happened up in the plane with a wound that was 5 days old, I think it was the pressure,, but it has really and still is impacting on my life.
  • Meet Diana – “Have just been told this is not a priority for voice specialist so it will be a minimum of 6 months to see about treatment. Unable to work until I can talk.
  • Meet Thomas – “10 year survivor of base of tongue cancer (chemo, rads and surgery) with vocal cord paresis discovered in follow up exam. Awaiting results of scans.
  • Meet more new members….



We’re looking for people who have had Laser Cordoctomy…. We need to hear from you!  Please share your knowledge…



We have a great discussion going about using sign language or ASL to communicate!  Let’s keep it going!



Wow!  There are lots of apps and software people are using to communicate. What’s working for you?  Join the discussion…